Stacking The Shelves (#1) – September 3, 2016





  • Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Mass (Half Price Books – $9.49*)
  • Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (Half Price Books – $12.49*)
  • The Crown by Kiera Cass (Half Price Books – $9.99*)
  • Tidal by Amanda Hocking (Half Price Books – $3.99*)
  • Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life #1  by Brian Lee O’Malley (Half Price Books – $5.99*)
  • The Merciless by Danielle Vega (Half Price Books – $5.49*)



  • Close To You by Kristen Proby (LibraryThing Early Reviewers; Sent by Harper Collins)


I would like to give a huge thanks and shout out to my bookish pen-pal, Lane, for gifting me some fabulous books!!

These are the things I received or bought this week, please feel free to leave a comment and link below so I can check out your lovely blogs and posts too! 😀

*- Half Price Books is currently having a Labor Day Weekend Sale (ends Monday 9/5/16) and pretty much everything is 20 % OFF so these books were actually a lot cheaper than the already awesome price on the stickers. I’m definitely going to go back for some more things before this sale ends!


– RJ

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Underrated Gems: LOREEN

Hello lovelies!Loreen-loreen-30971883-533-800

For this Underrated Gems post, I wanted to spotlight a musician who I feel deserves more exposure. This week I want to introduce you to the fabulous and unique, Loreen. If you watch Eurovision then you may be familiar with Loreen since she won the competition in 2012. But for those who may not be familiar, Eurovision is essentially the Olympics of the Music Industry in which nations across the world choose musical artists to perform and represent their countries in the race to win the competition. It’s an incredibly cool thing to watch and was recently broadcast in the US for the first time!


Loreen (born Lorine Zineb Nora Talhaoui)  is a Swedish singer who first gained exposure as a contestant on Swedish Idol 2004. She went far in the competition, placing fourth in the series before being eliminated in the eighth week. Immediately after her appearance on the show, she released a promotional single titled, “The Snake” alongside the group Rob’n’Raz and became a presenter for the TV show, Lyssna. Loreen then took a hiatus from the music industry and took less visible work behind the scenes as a segment producer and director for reality TV for several years. She returned to the public eye sometime later after taking part in Melodifestivalen 2011 with her song, “My Heart is Refusing Me.” She did not make it to the finals of that competition, which Sweden uses as a platform to farm talent to represent their country in Eurovision, but came back better and stronger than ever the following year with her immediate smash hit, “Euphoria.” Loreen swept the 2012 Melodifestivalen contest and went on to represent Sweden in Eurovision 2012 which was hosted in Baku, Azerbaijan that year. Loreen went on to win Eurovision and release her debut album, Heal. She has since released singles in preparation for the release of her second album and continues to tour around the world to share her talent and music with fans all across the world.*


MY HEART IS REFUSING ME is a hybrid dance ballad that is full of heartbreak that captures the torment of seeing a different side of someone you love and trying to let them go after breakup but having doubts and residual feelings for them that prevents you from moving on with your life. “Me for you, you for me/It was us against them all/But slowly it came to me/What was underneath it all” coos Loreen with her signature euphoric voice. “Now I wanna leave but I’m lost/So now I can’t break away/Although I’ve made up my mind/My heart is refusing me.” It’s one of my favorites off of her album, HEAL.

I’M IN IT WITH YOU is one of her newest songs to be released. It’s an ethereal track that nixes her usual dance vibes for a more dark, serious tone. The song tells the story of being there for someone in need and them not reciprocating it or returning the same sentiments as much as you hoped. “If you ever fall, I’d lift you up/If you lose your way, I’ll pick you up/And I’m in it with you.”

Paper Light (Revisited) is more of an experimental song that is a remixed, more edgy version of her originally light, Paper Light. I prefer the revisited version, only because I feel it adds a necessary drama and mystique that compliments the theme of embracing your inner strength and capabilities and ascending to your higher forms or elevating your relationship with someone. “We’re born to be higher.”


 You can buy or stream Loreen’s music on:

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*artist bio sourced through her wikipedia page. It has been rewritten for clarity and to be more concise to better fit this article.