Tour Stop: The Night Has Claws by Kat Kruger!

TTGB-BLOGTOUR-square-v2Welcome y’all!

I’ve been gone for ages (more on this later) but today I am honored to be a part of the blog tour for The Night Has Claws, the second book in The Magdeburg Trilogy by the fantastical Kat Kruger.

17234033It was quite a while ago that I was cruising around Kickstarter/IndieGoGo and came across a project that immediately captivated me and had me eager to learn more. That project was for The Night Has Teeth, or what would end up becoming one of my top reads of 2012.

Words cannot express how much I enjoyed reading the first book in this series, so you can bet I was quick to beg for the second, and even nudged (or pleasantly annoyed) the author into writing an exclusive short story featuring some characters I ‘shipped so effing hard and wanted more of.

You’re welcome. *wink*


Now, I haven’t finished reading the second book yet, but and without giving any possible spoilers away, I can say that from what I have read so far the book is even more dynamic and thrilling than the first! The characters, the setting, they’ve all captured my attention as they did in The Night Has Teeth. Definitely a strong sequel for an already strong series! I’m already looking forward to the third book!

Kat Kruger is a very talented writer who gives readers what they want and offers them other things they didn’t even know they wanted until then. With a skill for creating an enthralling world and giving life to characters of deep dimension, this underrated gem of an author has a series with all the makings of a blockbuster.

The Magdeburg Trilogy is definitely a series to try if you haven’t already. Both the first and second books are available now on Amazon , IndieBound & Barnes and Noble in both physical and e-formats.

Stay tuned for my review of The Night Has Claws!

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  • You can check read a fun Q&A I had with Kat: HERE (Psst. It’s pretty juicy.)
  • You can also read my review on the first book, THE NIGHT HAS TEETH: HERE
© Edmund Lewis
© Edmund Lewis


Kat Kruger is the winner of the 34th Atlantic Writing Competition. She is a freelance writer and social media consultant and holds a degree in public relations from Mount Saint Vincent University. She currently lives in Toronto with her husband. The Night Has Teeth is her first novel.


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Q&A with Corinne Demas, author of “Returning to Shore”

Returning To Shore by Corinne DemasToday on the blog I’m honored to have Corinne Demas, author of Returning to Shore, answer a few questions.

Returning to Shore is available now!



1. Returning to Shore is a coming of age story of Clare who reconnects with a father she hasn’t really known. Was there any particular inspiration behind this novel?

I’ve always been interested in father-daughter relationships. And I’ve known many young women who’ve had to try to forge a relationship with a father who wasn’t always present in her life. The  setting of this novel—an island off the coast of Cape Cod– came to me along with the characters’ story.  It seemed an ideal place for exploring an intense relationship.

2. Is there a character in Returning to Shore that you can relate to most?

Clare, of course! I’m interested in the way her mind works.  I like her courage and her honesty.  I really suffered along with her as I was writing this story, and I was rooting for her right till the end.

3.  What are you hoping readers take away from Returning to Shore?

I hope readers will appreciate Clare’s situation and the decisions she makes. I also hope they’ll be moved to continue to think about their relationship to the natural world.

4. Some writers have quirks such as: they can only write at specific hours of the day, or the room/office has to be tidy, certain windows (twitter/FB/a show or music) need to be open beside their document..etc. Do you happen to have any writing quirks?

If my office had to be perfectly tidy in order to work, I wouldn’t get much accomplished! I like to look out the window beyond my computer screen while I’m writing. I watch my donkeys munching on hay or looking up at me with their soulful eyes.

5. If you could spend a day with any one character in the book, who would you choose and why?

I’d like to spend the day with Clare’s father Richard.  As another character in the novel says, he’s a man of many mysteries. He’s quirky, passionate, and complex. I’d like to hike the beach with him and learn about his world.

corinnedemasABOUT THE AUTHOR

Corinne Demas is the award-winning author of thirty books including  five novels, two short story collections, a memoir, a collection of poetry, and numerous books for children, as well as two plays.

Her recent novels Everything I Was (YA) and The Writing Circle are now out in paperback. Her new YA novel, Returning to Shore, was just published. She is a Professor of English at Mount Holyoke College and a Fiction Editor of The Massachusetts Review.

Twitter: @corinnedemas

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Book Review – ‘Returning to Shore’ by Corinne Demas

Returning to Shore

Returning To Shore by Corinne DemasAuthor: Corinne Demas twitter
Publisher: Carolrhoda Books
Genre: Young Adult; Contemporary
Release Date: March 1, 2014
Source: eARC ; Author
Links: Goodreads Amazon

Her mother’s third marriage is only hours old when all hope for Clare’s fifteenth summer fades. Before she knows it, Clare is whisked away to some ancient cottage on a tiny marsh island on Cape Cod to spend the summer with her father – a man she hasn’t seen since she was three.

Clare’s biological father barely talks, and when he does, he obsesses about endangered turtles. The first teenager Clare meets on the Cape confirms that her father is known as the town crazy person. But there’s something undeniably magical about the marsh and the island a connection to Clare’s past that runs deeper than memory. Even her father’s beloved turtles hold unexpected surprises.

As Clare’s father begins to reveal more about himself and his own struggle, Clare’s summer becomes less of an exile and more of a return home.

 My Review: 4/5

‘Returning to Shore’ is a coming of age story that follows Clare going to stay with a father she hasn’t really known after her mother remarries. At first Clare is hesitant, reserved and cautious to warm up to him. She doesn’t know this man, and he isn’t exactly the most communicative of personalities to mesh with, with ease. But soon his story begins to unravel allowing Clare to see another side to this man beyond his bashful nature and intense passion for sea turtles. She sees a man much different than what the locals in town imagined him to be.

Corrine Demas does a fantastic job with creating authentic teen angst and detailing a well-painted setting. The tension, the tenderness, it was all executed well and built on a solid story with well-defined characters. While it was a little difficult to adjust to Clare’s strong personality at first, things settled later on. Maybe she was a little bratty at first, then again what teen isn’t!

Returning to Shore makes for a quick, contemporary read with a central focus on a realistic father-daughter-reconnecting relationship and sea turtle preservation than anything else. I would have liked a tad more of Clare sticking up for her father,  and an ending that was wrapped up a little more, however it was still a touching, sweet read.

I would like to thank the author for sending me an eARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review!


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Movie Nibblet! – About Last Night (2014)

About Last NightAbout Last Night (2014)

Comedy | Romance
Starring: , , , &
Rated R

Release Date: February 14, 2014

About Last Night had a well-rounded cast with a story that is surprisingly fresh for the oversaturated Rom-Com genre. Regina Hall and Kevin Hart steal the film with their hilarious back and forth while the story between Ealy’s Danny and Bryant’s Debbie is sweet but confusing and somewhat abrupt. I would recommend this, but warn that it is a little coarse and features strong language, partial nudity, and a plethora of—sometimes hilarious—sex scenes. Definitely not your average clean-cut romantic comedy!

Verdict: Worth Seeing!



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