Review- “The Paladin” by Ken Newman

The Paladin

Author: Ken Newman

Publisher: Sunbury Press

Format: Paperback | 272 pages

Source: Received copy for review by author

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Synopsis: Larry is an angel of the Lord…retired. To avoid final judgment and a rather warm room without a view he seeks to make amends by helping humanity against spiritual darkness. Unable to directly interfere, he must use a human to do his dirty work, or as he calls them… Paladins. A lonely kindergarten teacher, Harriet Smith, dreaming of romance and an exciting life of high adventure, has no idea that she has been chosen… that is until she is kidnapped by a five year old, and reborn as the sultry, Maggie Black. Maggie is about to find that the world is a far different place than she could have ever imagined as she faces shape shifting hit men, psychotic witches, and a four thousand year old living weapon of mass destruction. Fortunately, Maggie isn’t alone, as Silas Cole, a deceased Paladin, comes to her aid, possessing the body of his murdered great grandson. Maggie soon falls in love with the dashing Silas, but finds that to save humanity, she must sacrifice the man she loves.

Overall Rating: 4/5 (rounded from 3.6)

When I read “kidnapped by a five year old”, “shape-shifting hit men”, and “psychotic witches” I knew I had to read this! After reading, “in the genre of ‘Kill Bill’ and ‘Hell Boy’” It went from a yes, to a HELL YES! haha. In the beginning of The Paladin by Ken Newman we meet kindergarten teacher Harriet Smith who is busy reading and daydreaming of an action packed life, one she knows she’ll only be able to experience through words in a book…right? WRONG! Her life is turned upside down when she is given a test and reborn as kick-ass character Maggie Black, and it is then that the action she’s been dreaming of becomes all too real.

I was just a tad bit confused in the first few chapters as to where things were going. The 3rd person narrative kept on changing between different characters who were all connected to each other is some way, and I had a difficult time keeping up when so much was going on. I really would have preferred if there were more chapters that followed Maggie. She had to be my favorite character in this book (which is probably why I wanted more chapters of her. :P) Her’s were so interesting and just plain awesome, it’s hard not to want more of that. haha.

Nevertheless, The Paladin is a great first novel in what I hope will be phenomenal series. It has moments of comedy, action-y goodness, and even a little romance. I can easily see this being turned into a movie and certainly hope it one day becomes one. Ken Newman does a fantastic job with this book and I am anxious to see what will lie ahead.

RJ Gonzales

RJ Gonzales

RJ Gonzales is a born and raised Texan that unfortunately didn’t get the cool accent or sweet hat/boots. Aside from attending a local university to study Film and TV Production, he can be found nose-deep in a pile of YA books, or behind a screen writing some. He has a habit of picking up skills when bored; one of them being writing his biography in third person.

  • Ken Newman

    Thanks RJ for the great review. The Paladin was meant to be an introduction. I want to branch out with several series based on it's main characters. I have in the works futher books based on Maggie, Larry, Zack and believe it or not, Will Carlson.

    Ken Newman

    • RJ

      Ooo! :D Sounds fantastic! Can't wait to read them when they come out! I wish you the best!