My Weekly Book Haul (9)



  • Torn by Amanda Hocking  ($6.29 | Amazon)


  • Incarnate by Jodi Meadows  (from @LuvDayLilies)

What did you get this week?

Leave a link in the comments so I can stop by and see your haul! :)

RJ Gonzales

RJ Gonzales

RJ Gonzales is a born and raised Texan that unfortunately didn’t get the cool accent or sweet hat/boots. Aside from attending a local university to study Film and TV Production, he can be found nose-deep in a pile of YA books, or behind a screen writing some. He has a habit of picking up skills when bored; one of them being writing his biography in third person.

  • Lily @ Moirae the fa

    Ahaha! "Crap are you still filming?"

    "Yes I am."

    "Okay, I'm done."

    That was hilarious!

    Great books, I got Incarnate this week as well!

    • RJ

      Incarnate looks SO good!! haha.

      lol yeah! It's hard to film videos without someone disrupting them! XP

  • Dizneeee

    Awww, that @LuvDayLilies! I love her and her generosity! So, so sweet!

    I still haven't read Incarnate, but it looks so pretty on my bookshelf. So does Torn. Oy!!!! One day, I'll get to them!!! Hope you enjoy!

    • RJ

      I hear ya, my TBR list is a whole shelf now!! D: I swear I don't know where it just spiraled out of control! haha.

      Yes, LuvDayLilies is SOOO sweet and generous!!!! Always spreading the bookish love!