Interview + Giveaway- SADIE HAYES, author of The Start-Up

I had the lovely opportunity to interview Sadie Hayes, author of The Start-Up series. Below are the responses. You will also find a giveaway form at the bottom of this post! Enjoy!


  • There seems to be such a great understanding and knowledge of the world of coding and technology, do you also dabble in these fields in your personal life? and If so, how did it help when it came to writing The Start-Up series?

I’ve lived and worked in Silicon Valley for quite some time, and those experiences and familiarity definitely worked their way into The Start-Up. I also hold two degrees from Stanford (undergrad and grad) so that helped inform Adam and Amelia’s interactions on campus. More than that, though, my time in Silicon Valley exposed me to a society that remains hidden. The rest of the country—and world—only think of geeks hammering away at keyboards. They have no idea what kind of excess and ambition, lying and cheating, goes on in the Bay Area.

  • Though at the moment, The Start-Up series is exclusively in digital format, do you think you will ever release a paperback version or possibly a bind up of the first three?

There aren’t currently any plans for a print version of the series, but my publisher is planning on releasing a “box set” of the first three episodes in the coming months, in anticipation of the release of the fourth episode. Which I think is very exciting!

  • What is something you hope readers take or understand from reading The Start Up?

At one level, this book is about exposing Silicon Valley–the culture, the money, the power. It’s not all about Zuckerberg and like buttons, or algorithms and free lunches at the Googleplex. There is a very real struggle between inspiration/creativity and money. Companies rise and fall, people rise and fall, and Silicon Valley is a tumultuous landscape of ego, envy and pride. At the level of the protagonist, the story is about naivete, inspiration and general good intentions. It has themes of the female entrepreneur in a male-driven world, and also the purity of creativity when most people are driven by fame and power.

  • Do you have any writing quirks? (writing at a specific time, having specific windows open while writing…etc.)

Like any writer, it’s a constant struggle. I try to be consistent, but it’s a struggle. I wish I had some rituals! If you can give me a couple good ones, I’ll try them.

  • How many books can you foresee in this series?

I don’t have any plans to wrap up the series any time soon. Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are out and for sale everywhere books are sold (online) and episodes 4, 5, and 6 are in the works. I’m working with my publisher, Backlit Fiction, on creating a new model for ebooks, where they are more like TV shows and follow seasons and arcs. Where one story ends another begins.

  • Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A huge thank you to all my readers! I love to hear from readers about what they like and didn’t like, so I want to encourage everyone out there to find me on Twitter, Goodreads, or Facebook and let me know what they’re thinking about The Start-Up!

The Start-Up series is available in ebook form on Amazon and B&N, etc.  Follow me on twitter @DigitalSadie or at to stay in contact with me and keep posted on upcoming releases!


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