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Zombie Youth: Playground Politics

Author: H.E. Goodhue
 Publisher: Severed Press
 Series: Zombie Youth, #1
 Genre: Young-Adult | Apocalyptic/Action
 Format: Paperback ; 365 pages
 Release Date: April 2012
 Links: Goodreads | Amazon
 Source: Sent by author for review
Synopsis: What will the survivors do when every one over the age of twenty suddenly dies in a viral outbreak? Worse yet, what will they do when the dead refuse stay that way? 

A group of students are left trapped in their school as the adults they once relied upon suffer strange symptoms and die, only to return and feed. With no guidance or supervision the students are left to recreate society as they see fit. But not everyone shares their vision of the future…Zombie Youth:Playground Politics is the first novel in a new series following a group of survivors struggling to stay alive in a world where there are things far worse than zombies.

 RATING: 4/5

A group of young adults and children are forced to survive a zombie outbreak that claims the lives of the adults in this first book in H.E. Goodhue’s Zombie Youth series. Would you survive a world whose saving rested in the hands of children?

I had been wanting to read a YA novel dealing with zombies for quite a while, and am glad to say that Zombie Youth was the novel that satisfied my thirst for the genre in almost every way possible. The idea of being stuck in a school, or other structure is not  new. Nor is a zombie outbreak, or parents whom all of a sudden disappear (Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius/Michael Grant’s Gone series). However, the author has a great way of taking these elements and forming them into an original work that is full of action, suspense, some humor, drama, and more. I’ve always been fascinated with the whole, “Must rebuild a small civilization and keep zombies/monsters at bay” thing. There’s something incredibly interesting about it—to me at least.

The book is told in third person and alternates between scenes from the past, to the present in a different location and back to the current scene, much like a TV show is done. While reading, the journey was both thrilling and exciting as I was anticipating what would happen next. The action happens quite early on, in fact in the first few pages, so the story begins almost immediately and sweeps you in, rather than having you stick around and wait for something exciting to happen. There are many elements that stay true to the horror genre and make this book fit in perfectly.

Overall, I really enjoyed Zombie Youth and am curious to see what the sequel will bring. I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy of his book to review, in exchange for an honest review.

RJ Gonzales

RJ Gonzales

RJ Gonzales is a born and raised Texan that unfortunately didn’t get the cool accent or sweet hat/boots. Aside from attending a local university to study Film and TV Production, he can be found nose-deep in a pile of YA books, or behind a screen writing some. He has a habit of picking up skills when bored; one of them being writing his biography in third person.