This blog was originally founded in 2010 as a way to reach out to the bookish community and build lasting friendships. It has a sister site on YouTube, where I posted videos regularly until deciding to go back to school full time and finding no time or passion in it anymore. While I don’t particularly feel as confident in posting weekly content given the recent decline in blogs and rise in vlogs, I do try to keep this site fresh. One day, I do hope to find the passion for vlogging again, until then this is my sanctuary.

The new incarnation of this blog will now feature reviews and spotlights on a variety of forms of entertainment ranging from movies, TV, music, collectibles, beauty…etc. in an effort to keep my readers informed and entertained and to keep myself from burning out by focusing on only books.

Unless otherwise stated, the videos, posters, buttons, badges, or links in the sidebar are my own selections to feature and promote and I have not been compensated to feature them in any way.