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Book One in The Mundahlian Era seriesCover Updated

  • First Published: July 26th, 2011
  • Format: Ebook

When our era ends, theirs begins.
After moving to the city of Austin, Rini Cardoña stumbles upon a handsome young man and his clan who are taking refuge in our world from their hidden homeland of MUNDAHLIA and its ruthless king who has set up a game between his many children. Whoever can bring the family back to be  executed shall receive the crown once he passes.

Upon finding their hide out, Bane–one of the King’s sons, and on a hunt to win the crown–seizes the opportunity to shatter the forbidden blossoming relationship, lure the clan back to Mundahlia, and frame Rini for the murder of a Mundahlian. Thus, breaking the pact signed long ago with the humans and the legendary hybrid creatures, and reigniting an ancient war for the majority of land and control.

In this first book in The Mundahlian Era series, read of how our human-dominant era will end, and how a new one shall begin.
A Mundahlian Era.





“RJ Gonzales has really built the characters to where they are relatable in everyday life and makes you believe in the reality he has created.” - Marie @ Paranormal Reads

“A fun and interesting read with twists and turns that will blow your mind. One of the most original novels I’ve read in a long time.”Brad @ Book YA Review

“Absolutely unique, this book will have you up at four in the morning with your eyelids taped to your eyebrows…that’s how good it is. A must read of 2011!”  -Richard Denney, author of “THE IMMORTALISTS”

“RJ writes with precision to the nature of teenagers these days without over saturating the novel with pages of raunchy deviance and sickening dependency.”Blair @ Bitten by Book Lust

“Mundahlia has such a rich, extensive background that will instantly draw you in…Positively original!”  - Julie @ Reading by the Beach Reviews



  • Book Two in The Mundahlian Era series
  • Pub Date: 2014
  • Format: Ebook

The Mundahlians are coming!

Synopsis to be added soon.





  • Bailey

    What will crusades be about

    • http://www.RJdoesBooks.com RJ

      Crusade is the sequel to Mundahlia! :D If you've read the first books, read on! I'd hate to spoil it for you!


      It will pick up where the first book ends and continue with the history and story of the Mundahlians and will introduce a new villain as well as touch on the back story of what happened before the Mundahlians were banished while Rini, Jett and the others prepare for the war that is sure to ensue.

  • Danielle

    When will the second book come out in 2013? Will be available on kindle? Love your book!!

    • http://www.RJdoesBooks.com RJ

      Thank you so much!!
      I’m so happy to hear that you loved it! The sequel doesn’t have a specific release month at the moment, but if all goes well the eBook (Kindle/Nook) should be out by late Summer (August) or early Fall (September/October)

  • Cynthia

    When will Crusade be coming out?

    • http://www.RJdoesBooks.com RJ Gonzales

      Hi Cynthia! Thank you so much for stopping by, and I apologize for being so late to reply!

      Unfortunately, Crusade has been pushed back for the time being due to circumstances that kept me from being able to give it the attention it truly needed, but it isn’t cancelled! At this point the sequel is about 75% complete.

      All the best and Happy New Year!

  • Fan123

    Any update on timeline for book 2